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Air conditioning and ventilation D1+ Premium Partnership

What is a D1+ Premium Partner?

The D1+ partner programme is designed to maintain the highest standards of practice and performance. Its exclusive status is renowned as a mark of quality within the construction industry which provides benefits to both Aircon Scotland and its customers.

Recognised by Daikin for providing the highest level of service, installation and quality to their customers, Aircon Scotland achieved their D1+ partnership in 2014.

How do our customers benefit?

Extended warranty

Customers benefit from 7 years' warranty on all air conditioning products.

Quality guaranteed

Daikin regularly conducts independent audits, accrediting our excellence.

Highly skilled team

As part of this partnership, each engineer completes 5 days of training per year.

Our premium partnership with Daikin benefits both our customers and our team.

As part of the D1+ premium partners, our staff receives regular training throughout the year, which allows them to develop their understanding of the products, hone their skills, and improve efficiencies. As a result, customers receive the highest level of service, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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