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Aircon Scotland engineers are approved installers for Daikin having met all the requirements across technical ability and service quality.

Recognised as a Daikin D1+ Premium Partner, the team are able to use top of the range technology which will benefit your commercial space and maximise efficiency whilst providing extended warranty periods.

At Aircon Scotland, we take pride in the equipment we use and strive to be at the forefront of the UK’s renewable heat movement, which is why we use Daikin’s heat pump technology on site.

How do heat pumps works?

A heat pump works by extracting energy from one place – the air, ground or water and transfers it to your business in an effective, sustainable way.

  1. Air is blown across an evaporator, where heat energy from the air is absorbed by a sealed refrigerant circuit
  2. The heat energy absorbed increases the refrigerant temperature and the refrigerant evaporates from a liquid to a gas, storing the captured energy
  3. The refrigerant gas passes through a compressor where it is pressurised, increasing its temperature even more
  4. The refrigerant gas passes into a condenser where the refrigerant cools and condenses back into a liquid, releasing the heat energy
  5. The released heat is transferred into the building’s heating and hot water circuit
  6. The refrigerant passes back through an expansion valve to begin the whole process again

There are a few different types of heat pump. But they all have one thing in common: they’re powered mainly by renewable energy, making them one of the most economical and eco-friendly heating solutions available today.