The Next Generation of Refrigerants

The Next Generation of Refrigerants

Last month we told you about the shocking price increases on GWP refrigerants, Aircon Scotland always like to ensure we are transparent with costs and technology, ensuring your company received the highest quality technology and equipment in a cost effective manner.

This month we’re discussing R-32.

But what is R-32?

This is a next generation refrigerant that efficiently carries heat and has a lower environmental impact.

In comparison to other refrigerants, R-32 can reduce electricity consumption up to approximately 10% and is known for its remarkable low environmental impact – it’s one third lower than other refrigerants on GWP!

Daikin are the first company to succeed in applying R-32 to air conditioners by leveraging its expertise as the only manufacturer that develops and manufactures both air conditioners and refrigerants.

Aircon Scotland are an accredited Daikin D1+ Premium Partner, this enables the team to use top of the range technology which will benefit your commercial space and maximise efficiency whilst providing extended warranty periods. Our Aircon engineers go through specialist training so you can relax knowing they are fully certified to work with R-32 technology.

Converting to using R-32 will dramatically decrease Global Warming from Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

For more information on R-32 and Daikin technology, check out the Daikin webpage

Likewise if you want to know how Aircon Scotland can assist with converting your refrigerant to R-32 through state of the art technology, call us on 01224 536555 and an engineer will be more than happy to offer advice or attend a site visit.