The importance of service and maintenance of your air conditioning systems

The importance of service and maintenance of your air conditioning systems

Air conditioning units are essential to a safe and comfortable work environment, yet many people overlook the importance of carrying out regular servicing and preventative maintenance.

As with any piece of equipment, planned maintenance is vital for ensuring that your air conditioning systems are running efficiently, and will help to reduce the risk of unexpected breakages - leading to costly and inconvenient downtime.

Taking preventative action and fixing the problem before it impacts your unit's performance is key to effective maintenance management. In our latest blog post, operations director Stuart Flint highlights the importance of carrying out routine services and maintenance on your air conditioning systems.

Safety and hygiene

“In any industry, faulty equipment can lead to safety risks, and air conditioning is no exception here - especially as some irregularities with this type of equipment aren't always noticeable right away.

“Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, it has always been good practice to have your air conditioning systems regularly serviced to maintain indoor air quality. Doing so will prevent the growth of microorganisms and build-up of mould, which can lead to general irritation, allergies and asthma if the units aren’t cleaned.

“Dirty filters and blockages can be easily cleaned by a professional engineer, before they become a bigger problem. With such a high focus on clean and hygienic working environments, can you afford to forget about your AC systems?”


“Legally, air conditioning systems over a certain size must be maintained at regular intervals. Carrying out services and maintenance will ensure that you are compliant with current legislation regarding the controlled use and emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases, known as F-Gases.

“By law, businesses are responsible for demonstrating that the refrigerant gases are not leaking into the atmosphere, and only an F-Gas qualified engineer can do this for you.”

Increased energy efficiency

“Making sure that your air conditioners are working at optimum capacity will allow them to conserve energy and operate more efficiently in the long run, enabling you to save on your energy bills as a result.

“Without being properly serviced by an engineer, your air conditioning system can lose up to 5% efficiency each year - which can quickly add up to high running costs on a system that is inefficient and could break down at any time.”

Longer-lasting units

As with any piece of equipment, carrying out routine maintenance on your air conditioner will extend the life of your unit overall. If your air conditioning unit isn’t being cleaned regularly, it will have to work harder which will increase the risk of damage and breakdown.

“Quite often, the most costly faults in air conditioning systems are caused by minor issues, such as filters not being cleaned properly or replacement of coolant. Even having an air conditioning engineer visit your premises once or twice a year to carry out routine maintenance will prevent these small problems turning into more serious damage.

“By identifying any irregularities with the electrical supply, unit cycles or refrigerant levels, an engineer can resolve any issues and reduce the risk of your system failing, therefore lowering the costs of replacements in the long run.”

Minimises downtime

If your air conditioning unit doesn’t undergo regular maintenance, small problems can cause strain on other working parts, which can amount to a costly repair in terms of time and money.

“Planning ahead and carrying out preventive maintenance at a time that is most suitable for you and anyone who may be affected will be far more convenient and take less time than an emergency repair or full replacement.”

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