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The importance of Planned Preventative Maintenance

Posted 14/08/2020

Air conditioning benefits businesses significantly, it allows constant cool airflow into your building and keeps the environment comfortable for everyone indoors. When air conditioning units are working effectively, it can be easy to forgot to check that everything is running smoothly and business owners often tend to neglect their systems when they appear to be operating efficiently.

However, when not checked up on, minor issues may arise in the systems, causing the machines to stop working. These issues can be as small as a build-up of dust, but this can lead to larger problems and cause issues for business owners, managers, staff and customers. So, it is important to stay on top of how your systems are operating always, even when they appear to be operating well. This is where PPM can help businesses ensure that their air conditioning unit is always working effectively.

But what is PPM?

PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) is scheduled maintenance of your air conditioning units that allows systems to be checked they are working efficiently often. By taking this preventative approach, it allows small issues with air conditioning units to be spotted early and fixed quickly before they progress to larger problems.

The amount of planned maintenance your business needs can depends on how many units you have, but no matter how little units it is important these are inspected regularly and routinely.

By doing this it allows the units to be regularly reviewed and lessens the likelihood of the system failing or any long term damage being made. Manufacturers recommend 6 monthly maintenance on your systems. Not only does Planned Preventative Maintenance decrease the changes of your units failing, it also increases how efficiently the equipment you have is operating, increases the overall lifespan of your unit and can catch small and minor faults before they become large and past the point of being fixable.

Other benefits of Planned Preventative Maintenance include :

  • Costs saved from reactive callouts when systems stop working
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Time saved from reacting to sudden breakdown of system
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Less complaints and discomfort from customers/staff

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