Mitsubishi Electric - MELFinance Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric - MELFinance Solutions

At Aircon Scotland, we are proud to say that we are partners with Mitsubishi Electric. They are one of the world’s leading providers in high quality products and offer their facilities all over the world. They are known for their reliable reputation and meeting the needs of current commercial and industrial market which is why we are so thrilled them to be named as one of their partners.

Alongside a list of reasons why at Aircon Scotland we view Mitsubishi as a positive retailer, they make financing their products easy.

MELFinance Solutions allow us to provide flexibility to our customers. This energy efficient project means costs are put into a 5-year trouble free heating, cooling and ventilation finance package. This helps to fund the cost of new equipment and installation through hire-purchase finance.

Applying for the finance package is easy and fast, once a quote is agreed, a decision on funding is usually reached within 24 hours.

Helping businesses to manage their cash flow is important, and the choice of hire purchase finance or leasing helps businesses fund the cost of new HVAC equipment and installation. Businesses can then get the benefit of leading Air Conditioning, Chillers, Heating, Ventilation without worrying about cost.

Here are some benefits of MELFinance :

  • Working capital is not tied up
  • Offset repayment interest against energy savings from new equipment
  • Packages can include on-site installation and commissioning fees
  • No need for hefty deposits: Finance deals are secured wholly or largely on the heating, cooling and/or ventilation equipment being financed
  • Stronger cash flow: Releases tied-up cash and preserves other forms of credit for other business or operational needs
  • Fixed, regular payments: Helps you plan for the future by eliminating uncertainty and costly surprises
  • Quick decisions: We always aim to provide a prompt turnaround for funding applications

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