Keep Your Employees Warm and Happy with Aircon Scotland

Keep Your Employees Warm and Happy with Aircon Scotland

Although winter might finally be over as we move closer to Spring, temperatures are still low this March and at Aircon Scotland we have some pointers to make sure this doesn’t affect your employees work environment.

It’s important to Aircon Scotland that employees’ environments are comfortable to work in and we believe that a comfortable workplace makes for higher productivity and happier employees.

As someone responsible for employees, you want to make sure they are working effectively and completing tasks in the shortest time possible. By following these steps, you can make sure that you’re giving your employees the best chance of this.

  • Make sure your AC unit is free from any obstruction

  • Ensure that there is nothing blocking the indoor vents or any point of air discharge

  • Set temperature around 22 degree Celsius as an average office temperature

By abiding by these steps, you can ensure you air conditioning is working exactly how you need it to be. Chances are, when your AC unit is working optimally, so are your employees.

If you’re a manager and feel your employees have been a little down recently, follow our quick and easy steps to ensure that it isn’t your heating causing this. We can’t completely 100% promise it will keep your employees happy but at least they will be warm.