Industry Shocked by Steep Price Increases

Posted 17/01/2018

At Aircon Scotland, we want to make sure our customers know as much about the industry as possible, ensuring we offer a truly transparent service and that changes in the industry are made obvious.

Over the years markets have continued to evolve, with this comes a development in technology and knowledge but it has also resulted in an increase in price for products and services. The air conditioning and refrigeration industry are seeing a drastic 60% price rise on GWP refrigerants R404A and R507A. The change occurred in December of 2017, however it’s not the last, and the start of 2018 will see up to 20% price increase for the lower GWP R404A alternatives R448A and R449A.

Contractors and end users are also facing price increases of up to 30% on R410A along with the high GWP R22 service blends like R422D, R438A and R422A. These dramatic rises are a result of the European F-gas phase down but due to a 37% cut in 2018 on European HFC supplies, the chances are businesses may struggle to find a high GWP refrigerant supplier.

These changes are causing a stir all over Europe with countries beginning to appeal and complain.

Aircon Scotland would like to ensure that despite a price increase for these services, it is important to keep on top of service and maintenance which in the long run will keep costs lower.