How our ventilation systems can keep you safe from unwanted germs!

How our ventilation systems can keep you safe from unwanted germs!

It's that time of year again where everyone you pass is wrapped up in layers and many sporting a bright red nose. Temperatures are low and every second person you meet seems to have some sort of illness whether that be cold, flu, stomach bug, etc...

There are many things you can do to prevent catching something unwanted… avoid contact with people who are ill, wash your hands frequently, be somewhat healthy, disinfect surfaces, the list goes on. These are all common prevention tips that you can do to hopefully keep germs away. However, there is something that we can do to help take care of you this flu season.

Air quality has a huge affect on how often you get ill and once you have contracted an illness, the quality of air that you breathe has a large impact on the severity of your symptoms. Ultimately, if air quality is poor, that creates a breeding place for bacteria, viruses, mould, dust and airborne germs such as cold and flu viruses.

Since a lot of your time is spent at work, we think it’s important the air quality you breathe in on a day to day basis is as good as it can be. Therefore, we think good ventilation is the key to good air quality and protects yourself against unwanted bacteria.

You may argue, why not just open a window and let some natural air in? This may be the way to do it in Summer, but definitely during these colder months that isn’t the best option.

At Aircon Scotland, we specialise in designing, installing and maintaining systems to ensure you get the best air quality possible in your workplace. We also deal with replacing old systems that you no longer feel is giving you the quality you want or need.

If combatting the flu is something you’re worried about, or you just want the best air quality possible for your workplace, get in touch with Aircon Scotland where we can solve all your heating, plumbing, ventilation and air conditioning needs.