Daikin - D1+ Platinum Partner

Daikin - D1+ Platinum Partner

Daikin are a global company who supply both business owners and home owners with high quality equipment such as heat pumps, air conditioning and ventilation.

At Aircon Scotland, it is important to us which suppliers we work with and we take pride in the equipment we use. Daikin have proved to be a forward thinking company who are always at the forefront of the latest technologies, just one of many reasons why we use their equipment on site.

D1+ Premium Partner status is renowned in the industry as a mark of a quality company. This isn’t something that you can put yourself forward for as a business, D1 + Premium Partners are chosen by Daikin when they recognise a businesses high standards of installation and expertise.

Aircon Scotland are lucky enough to be D1+ Premium Partners, and our engineers are approved installers of Daikin, having met all the requirements across technical ability and service quality.

Benefits of being a D1+ Premium Partner include extended warranties, the usual warranty would only last 3 years but with the partnership, this is extended to 7 years, which benefits our customers greatly. This shows the confidence in both the quality of the product, and the installation.

Daikin also offer training, so our customers can be assured that our engineers have had up to date training on all the latest technologies and equipment that they will be using on site.

Finally, another benefit is the reassurance and trust that our customers feel when dealing with us, knowing we have been recognised for our high business standards of installation and knowledge.

We are currently located throughout Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh, so we have engineers all over Scotland to offer services to our customers. If you are in need of any heating, plumbing, ventilation or air conditioning, get in touch with Aircon Scotland today.