5 signs that your air conditioning unit needs maintenance post lockdown

5 signs that your air conditioning unit needs maintenance post lockdown

Due to the current pandemic, 60% of the UK’s workforce has been working from home. Recently we are seeing an easing of lockdown and eventually when safe, we will be able to return to our places of work.

However, since offices have been lying empty, air conditioning units have been left unchecked. When businesses can return to work, checking these units is important to see if during the lengthy absence of workers, any maintenance is required.

Here are some signs that you air conditioning may need maintenance:

Hot air instead of cold air

If you are getting hot air instead of cold air this could be a sign that there is something wrong with the systems compressor or a blown fuse, these jobs are quick to fix and won’t take our engineers long to get you back up and running effectively.

Poor Airflow

If you feel that your air conditioning isn’t very strong you may be experiencing poor air flow or a blockage. This is a common issue which can be solved with a little service and maintenance.

Water Leakage

Air Conditioning units produce condensation when working but this shouldn’t lead to leakage in the building, if this happens be sure to contact our engineers to ensure no water damage is made to the building.


A working air conditioning unit shouldn’t have an odour but if something isn’t right you may start to notice one. This can be resolved by a quick visit to find the cause of the smell.

Unusual Sounds

When starting up, air conditioning units might make some small sounds but if you start to notice constant, loud, unusual or squeaking sounds, this can be a sign of a problem.

If you find yourself having any of these issues when you return to the office or need some help in making your workplace as safe as possible, get in touch to find out about our Back to Work Programme.